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The Centre comprises a comprehensive training suite including a dental skills training room equipped with 10 state of the art clinical simulation units. This will enhance the acquisition of new clinical skills amongst the practitioners who will benefit from the availability of IndDEC. The Centre also offers operating microscope to enable high quality dentistry.

IndDEC has a full immersion simulation suite for team training in both infection control and the management of medical emergencies both of which are key to patient safety. We will provide training in both aspects as part of continuing professional development for all dental team members in both primary and secondary care settings. The suite has a fully equipped dental surgery with a mannequin that can be programmed to simulate emergencies which may be encountered in dental practice.

  • Live web streaming
  • Live surgeries streaming
  • Touch Screen communication
  • WIfi connectivity / data exchange
  • Central Spine data storage
  • Noise blocking head phones/ Microphones
  • Clinical Intelligence
  • Laser projections
  • White board screen technolog

  • Digital Work stations
  • Simulation Units
  • Dental Lasers
  • Live surgeries streaming
  • Touch Screen communication
  • WIfi connectivity / data exchange
  • Central Spine data storage
  • Centralised monitoring suit

  • Fully operational surgeries
  • Digital dental units
  • Operating Microscope
  • Disinfection Chamber
  • Live surgery streaming
  • Hard and soft Lasers
  • Centralised monitoring
  • International Clinical Experts

  • Water disinfection unit
  • Hand piece disinfection unit
  • Digital autoclaves
  • Pouching and Sealing

  • Digital OPG
  • RVG Suite
  • CAD / CAM
  • Digital/ cloud storage

  • Resuscitation unit
  • Emergency Medication Protocols
  • Risk evaluation suite
  • Injuries protocol
  • Incident Recording Protocol
  • Health and Safety Protocol
  • Manikin training access

About Us

IndDEC is a premium provider of Clinical education and training in the healthcare sector. The institution home to Excellence in Clinical and Surgical Training having earned a reputation for excellence throughout the world in the education of high calibre clinicians. Our Clinical programs underpinned by world-class standards and evidence based healthcare are supported through our initiatives and achievements across Clinical Excellence and Research, focusing on practicing GDP’s and young clinicians.


  • Dr. Gaurav Gulati

    Firstly, I would like to thank all the Doctors and team members of IndDEC for organizing such a wonderful course on Implantology, on an International level with mentors from abroad as well.

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