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Short Clinical Professional Development Courses

Short Clinical Professional Development Courses

This series as a part of IndDEC Health Education Initiative, along with its academic partner Meducination, offers a conciliation of short modules covering core topics in clinical practice, teaching and learning. They have been developed by Health Education England bodies (in association with various Royal Colleges UK) by a specialist Faculty and is undoubtedly one of the biggest online medical content repository.

IndDec offers these courses as a blended-learning program or online learning aid. On completion of a course, a certificate can be issued for your own records or portfolio. The online certificates are issued by respective Royal Medical Colleges (UK) or as specified and are verifiable by GMC UK should a need arise. 

The courses are affordable, accredited, online and accessible from anywhere making it the perfect fit for your continuous professional progression, Learning Aid in colleges or Staff Training. Backed by IndDec's expert faculty for blended learning approach, it leaves no gap towards your training requirements. Should you have a query or need further clarification, please do get in touch with us.  

Programs Certified by respective Professional Bodies:



logoAcute Medicine logo

ACUMEN explores all aspects of acute medicine. It is aimed at physician trainees involved in core medical training (CMT) and acute care common stem (ACCS) but it also provides an ‘aide memoire’ for more advanced trainees.

logoAdolescent Health logo

The Adolescent Health programme includes 13 modules that are divided up into 70 e-learning sessions. These sessions are split into four different levels to suit the needs of a variety of health professionals.

logoAdvanced Radiotherapy logo

The Adolescent Health programme includes 13 modules that are divided up into 70 e-learning sessions. These sessions are split into four different levels to suit the needs of a variety of health professionals.

logoAnaesthesia logo

The learning sessions are clustered into discrete modules. Six core clinical modules are underpinned by a basic sciences module that focuses on core clinical competencies. There are another six modules in sub-specialty areas.

logoCompassion in Practice logo

Interactive exercises give you the chance to re-evaluate your beliefs, explore new insights and look at ways to enhance care and compassion in your own area of practice.

logoDementia logo

e-Dementia is designed to help health and social care workers recognise, understand, assess and manage the condition. It is suitable for both clinical and non-clinical workers in the health and social care sectors, including nurses, healthcare assistants, doctors and domestic/clerical staff.

logoDentistry logo

e-Den features interactive learning sessions that cover all aspects of the dental curriculum, from patient assessment through to periodontal disease and teeth restoration.


e-Audiology supports the professional development of qualified healthcare professionals who work within audiology services

logoDermatology logo

It is primarily aimed at trainee dermatologists but it is also invaluable for general practitioners, nurses and other healthcare professionals. The package has been developed by the British Association of Dermatologists and Health Education England.

logoElectronic Fetal Monitoringlogo

eFM provides comprehensive training in all aspects of intrapartum electronic fetal heart monitoring. It equips both obstetricians and midwives with the knowledge and skills to interpret cardiotocographs (CTGs) correctly, thus minimising medical and legal risks.

logoEnd of Life Carelogo

This online training programme is specifically designed for you. It is relevant to health and social care practitioners, including nurses, doctors, allied care professionals, care home workers and care agency staff.

logoFemale Genital Mutilationlogo

The FGM programme is an essential, high-quality and cost-effective e-learning resource for health and social care professionals who work with women and girls who are sufferers of female genital mutilation (FGM)

logoFoundation Programmelogo

The clinical content covers the full UK Foundation training curriculum, with high-quality images, video clips and animations. Scenario-based exercises enable you to enhance your diagnostic and management skills and examine various clinical data.

logoGeneral Practitionerslogo

e-GP is a high-quality educational resource that covers all aspects of primary care. It is ideally suited to trainee doctors but it also enables qualified physicians to refresh key skills and knowledge.

logoHealthy Child Programmelogo

The Healthy Child Programme is designed to support the professional development of healthcare practitioners who care for young children under the age of five.

logoHealthy School Childlogo

The Healthy School Child Programme is part of the wider Healthy Child Programme 0-18. This high-quality educational resource is designed for healthcare professionals who care for children aged 5 to 12, including school nurses, GPs and trainee paediatricians.

logoICU/Echo Ultrasoundlogo

ICE-BLU covers the theoretical knowledge required to undertake cardiac echo and lung ultrasound. It is suitable for intensive care and acute medicine practitioners, anaesthetists and other clinicians who care for critically ill patients.

logoImage Interpretationlogo

Image Interpretation equips you with the skills to interpret radiological images correctly, improving patient outcomes and reducing risks. The programme has been developed in the UK by the College of Radiographers and Health Education England.

logoIonising Radiation Regulationslogo

e-IRMER is a web-based resource for clinical staff who use X-rays for the diagnosis of patients. It is ideally aimed at doctors, nurses, radiographers and clinical technologists.

logoLaser Safetylogo

The eLaser programme, which is accessible online, gives you access to core training on the safe use of lasers and other forms of optical radiation.

logoLeadership for Clinicianslogo

Leadership for Clinicians (LeAD) is suitable for all clinical staff, regardless of profession, specialty or stage of training. It helps you to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours to fulfil, and support others in, leadership roles.


The programme, which is mapped to key elements of The Royal College of Ophthalmologists' training curriculum, covers topics such as clinical assessment, refraction, laser surgery and microsurgery.

logoPain Managementlogo

The e-Pain curriculum has been developed by the Faculty of Pain Medicine, of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, and the British Pain Society.


The Radiology – Integrated Training Initiative (R-ITI) supports and enhances the learning of radiologists. It has been developed by the UK Royal College of Radiologists and Health Education England.

logoRenal Medicinelogo

Kidn-e is an interactive learning resource aimed at junior doctors and those in the early years of specialist training. The learning content focuses on the two most common kidney conditions – acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease.

logoResearch and Auditlogo

This programme is relevant to all healthcare professionals involved in research and audit. It is a joint project between the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the Royal College of Anaesthetists and Health Education England.

logoSafeguarding Childrenlogo

Safeguarding Children and Young People is suitable for all health, social care and occupational health professionals who are working to protect children.

logoSexual & Reproductive Healthcarelogo

e-Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (e-SRH) equips you with the knowledge and skills to deliver high-quality healthcare in this specialist area in community settings.

logoSexual Health and HIVlogo

You can study a range of topics from HIV testing and management through to genital infestations, viral hepatitis, sexual assault, and bacterial/viral sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


eSurgery is designed to support practitioners in the early years of surgical training. It has been developed by The Royal College of Surgeons of England in conjunction with Health Education England.


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